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Welcoming Music: Using Kids Music as an Educational Tool

Playing background music, or "Welcoming Music," as students enter, exit and return to class is a great way to create a fun, conducive learning environment. Teachers may use Welcoming Music to set classroom tone and to establish atmospheres complimentary to daily schedules and lesson plans. Upbeat, lively kids music may be used to energize students for a day of learning. Slower, soothing kids music may be used to calm rowdy students returning from recess. Properly selected Welcoming Music can achieve any desired environment.

Welcoming Music is also a great way to introduce students to new topics. Teachers may use kids music to spike interest and to acquaint students with educational material. When preparing for class, teachers should consider selecting content specific children's songs to accompany class activities.

Welcoming Music is not just a tool for teachers. Parents may strategically use Welcoming Music as well. Just as in the classroom, playing kids music at home prepares and excites children to perform any number of tasks. Welcoming Music encourages otherwise reluctant children to do homework, take naps, wash their hands and get ready for bed.

In addition, parents may use Welcoming Music to reinforce lessons learned in class. Listening to content specific children's songs on the way to school puts students in a positive mood and refreshes their memory. Listening to educational children's songs at home allows students to passively learn while having fun with friends and family.

Finding and selecting Welcoming Music is easy. A quick Google search for kids music will reveal several music options. A rule of thumb to use when picking from these options is to focus on the three "Ws" - where, when and what. Where is the music going to be played? When is it going to be played? And, what atmosphere and content is desired? Once answered, teachers and parents may confidently select the best Welcoming Music for use in their classroom and home.

Author: Justin Laughter -


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