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Making a Difference With Educational Music

At the beginning of 2005, Silly Bus was nothing more than a start up small business. Today, they have released four CDs, which can be heard on multiple radio and television stations. They have played for numerous benefits, kid's expos, and pre-schools. They have also had the opportunity to work with well known companies such as Radio Disney, XM Radio and NBC.

You may be asking yourself, 'So, how is their music making a difference?' What separates Silly Bus from other kid's music is their focus on educational content. Their first CD release focused on Standard of Learning (SOL) content for young children (Kindergarten through 2nd grades). For their second and third CD releases, they teamed up with a pre-Kindergarten educator and wrote songs geared towards learning the alphabet and leveraging both phonics and whole language techniques.

The powerful difference that Silly Bus makes is evident in the small anecdotes heard from parents. One story from a father conveyed how a Silly Bus song helped his daughter to answer a question on a first grade quiz. That powerful difference is also witnessed when you are at a Silly Bus performance, and you see the children singing every word of the educational songs.

Silly Bus music is available by visiting or by downloading songs at iTunes .

Author: Lee Brooks


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