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Enhancing a Company's Brand with Educational Music for Children

In today's competitive landscape it has become increasingly important for companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. One of the ways this is being done is through the use of brand and marketing programs that support families and children. Campaigns focused on this not only allow companies to show their support of families, but also create lasting images that allow market positioning with the next generation of customers.

A children's educational marketing campaign is one way to enhance brand and market position. Educational agendas create connections with families and children across demographic groups and are viewed as very positive in the minds of both existing and potential customers.

Topics promoted in this type of educational campaign can include the ABC's, basic math, health and fitness, and energy conservation.

Educational Media Creations Company, LLC (EMCC) is on the forefront of developing these types of integrated promotional campaigns. Through its Silly Bus brand, EMCC works with companies to develop one-of a-kind music and videos for kids. Silly Bus products are easily promoted in CD, DVD and digital download formats which allow companies to keep cost low while providing tangible product and brand placement directly into the hands of their customers. This type of product allows a company's brand to last longer given the product value and tendency for people to keep the songs and videos in their library for repeated reviews in any setting.

To enhance brand in the market place companies should consider:

-The average age group of children in their target market;

-The mix of mothers and/or fathers most likely to receive the message; and

-The channels that provide the best positioning of the message and product.

By taking a few initial steps, a company can quickly differentiate itself from the competition and simultaneously develop lasting relationships with future generations that will ultimately become the customers of tomorrow.

Author: John Henneberger -


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